Kay_TaylorDirector of Clinical Services
Pediatric Drug Studies Coordinator
Nurse Practitioner

As a member of the board for both the Epilepsy Association of Orlando and The Center for Conductive Education in Orlando, Kay Taylor has an in depth understanding of the impact of neurological disorders on our patients and their families and a strong desire to help.

Her love of children and families began in Ohio where she worked in the Burn Research Unit at the Akron’s Children’s Hospital. Later, in Orlando she worked at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children as head nurse in the Pediatrics Unit and as the educational coordinator in Pediatrics for 10 years.

She has a total of 24 years of experience in the field of pediatric neurosurgery/neurology and has been with us for over 15 years. Her expertise and dedication are evident in her roles as Study Coordinator for pediatric clinical drug studies and as Director of Clinical Services for our office.

Kay Taylor received her Bachelors Degree in Nursing at the University of Akron, Ohio and her Masters Degree in Nursing at the University of Central Florida.


• Masters Degree in Nursing.

• Board Member: Epilepsy Association of Orlando.

• Board Member: Center for Conductive Education Orlando.

• Board Member: Epilepsy Center of Central Florida.

• Study Coordinator: Pediatric Clinical Drug Studies for Pediatric Neurology.

• Member of the Association of Pediatric Nurses.

• Member of the National Association of Child Neurology Nurses.

• Founder and Past President of the Society of Pediatric Nurses in Orlando.