You may have heard of Botox as a cosmetic treatment, but did you know it has medical uses as well? Pediatric Neurology is well qualified in the use of Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botox. Botox is a powerful neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium that causes food poisoning (botulism). There are seven known types of C. botulinum toxin, but only types A and B are used for medicinal purposes.

Botox isn’t only for cosmetic procedures!  Botox Injection Therapy has been used in the field of neuroscience to treat many neurological disorders.Botulinum toxins are safe and effective for medical treatment when given in very small amounts by a Board Certified Neurologist.

Botulinum toxin therapy has been used to treat many neurological disorders, including:

  • Blinking or twitching of the muscles on one side of the face
  • Dystonias
  • Spasticity from strokes, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries
  • Pathologically abnormal sweating, and drooling
  • Headache and other painful conditions

The aim of using Botulinum is to decrease muscle spasms and pain the patient experiences.

Botulinum toxin has proven to be useful in the treatment of many forms of dystonia and is a safe and effective treatment when given in very small amounts by a qualified neurologist such as Dr. Davis.

Neurons generate new nerve endings that reactivate, so treatment is usually repeated every 3 to 4 months. Physical or occupational therapy is also used to stretch and restore normal muscle function.

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